George Sheffler 1779 Pennsylvania

January 18, 2005

George Sheffler, for starters

George was born around 1779, based on his estimated ages culled from each census year in which he shows up. I say estimated because he and his offspring were pretty loose with the numbers. Pick a year, any year. So we've settled on calling him George 1779. "We", meaning "I", have chosen this date.

He and his wife Catharina had their first child John (Johannes) in January of 1802 in Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, about 40 miles SouthEast of what is now Pittsburgh.

George and his kids and many of their kids spoke only the language of the old country, German. He could not read or write in any language and thus in 1841 he still signed a document with an "X" accepting his pension for the Late Great War with Britain, now called the War of 1812.

George had at least six children, each with birth and baptism dates listed in the Lutheran records, and I think a seventh, a Catherine for whom I only see a record of Confirmation as a teenager. The Confirmation record sets her birthdate between the first two boys.

John (Johannes) - His line is mostly found in New Alexandria and Indiana County.

Catherine (Catharina) - No other records. Anyone?

Philip - Stayed at the homestead just south of Greensburg, owned the land as of 1834.

Frederick (Friederich) - Also stayed around Greensburg, and then his children scattered, to Butler County, Allegheny County, Blair County, and to Ohio then Indiana, and to Michigan then Oregon. This is my line.

Jacob - After his christening, just can't really find Jacob.

Elizabeth - Married John Heil. Extensive Heil descendancy researched by others.

Samuel - Stayed the closest, the longest. Many of his descendants are still around Greensburg. Samuel is buried in Hillview Cemetery just East of Greensburg.